"... strong performances from each member of this cohesive ensemble, which includes both stage veterans and one incredibly talented newcomer to the stage. One would not have guessed that Jessica Haring was making her debut as a stage actor. She did a creditable job as chanteuse Cherie, whose character development is craggedly written in the script."
--The Santa Fe New Mexican

"Jessica Haring, whose portrayal of the paradoxical Cherie—an innocent with a “past”—accomplished the near impossible for me on opening night: she removed all vestiges of Marilyn Monroe (who had played Cherie in the film adaptation) and gave me a brand new, even more empathetic Cherie for whom to cheer."
--Theater Santa Fe

"Haring has worked tirelessly to bring H2O to the stage. This winter she rallied some formidable local talent for the independent production....Together, they’ve plunged into the play’s troubled waters with a palpable sense of purpose. Deborah and Jake initially represent two highly visible extremes in American society—or perhaps the way each side fearfully imagines the other—but as their characters deepen, the poles inevitably bend into a loop. In other words, this is a play for our times. Haring, who inhabits Deborah with compassionate but unflinching attention, has indeed found a role worthy of her powers." -Jordan Eddy, The Magazine