by Jane Martin

Two strangers compelled by alien familiarity and chance intimacy chase success and salvation in post 9/11 NYC.

90-minute Dark Codependent Comedy

Mirrored souls shout across achingly polar belief systems amidst, toxic masculinity, mental illness, race, PTSD, and romance. Compromising, dangling, prodding they magnetically repel and attract each other across the ethereal stage

Julian Fox as Jake Abadjian, millionaire action star, caught in Hollywood’s existential crisis. Chaotic and entitled, Jake navigates suicidal thoughts and PTSD while attempting to give his life meaning.

Jessica Haring as Deborah Elling. An ordered, sheltered, Evangelist with a penchant for Shakespeare In The Park. Deborah is unwilling to compromise her talent and purpose to show the beautiful and true path of Jesus Christ.

New Media | Director Paris Mancini | Artist Erin Goulde | Photographer Bahareh Ritter


Erin Goulde, work seen above, is building sculpture companions

Blood, water, death and rebirth, order versus chaos.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.49.49 PM.png

Context created with light, projection, and sound from director Paris Mancini.

Paris orchestrates dream-like plot development assisted by stage hands and a moving, minimal, reprisentational set

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.27.34 PM.png

H2O courageously engages sexual assault, rape, and suicide. Director Paris Mancini softens difficult material by avoiding gratuitous violence and obvious tropes. She creates a safe space, allowing audiences the opportunity to engage questions evoked by the play, the seeds of catharsis.

Bahareh Ritter - Photography and visual storytelling

Creative Contributors: Kel Cruz | Laquie Campbell | Catherine Lynch | Catharine Pilafas | Matthew Rose |Strangers Collective

Outstanding: Stage manager and stage hands | More tech equipment, tech production team | Budget to improve: Wardrobe, Props, Equipment, Art supplies, Bigger, Brighter Venu, Licensing, Production Tech Support