tools that helped me get out of a depression hole today


The Hilarious World of Drepssion podcast | Hannah Hart Gets Drunk, Tries To Make Grilled Cheese, Gets Famous, Tries To Enjoy It

  • Depression robs you of your ability to love yourself
  • Tools, tools, tools.
  • Don't watch the numbers, it makes you a worse creator, gives you a head full of doubt
  • Not every day is has color/taste/feel
  • Accept your feelings, don't judge yourself: "if I feel I'm at 20% capacity today, I'm going to give myself 20% capacity goals".
    • If there were just one thing you could do today, what would it be? Get out of bed? Shower?
  • How to make art: "I just want to tell somebody what this feels like"
  • Destigmatize  mental illness, learn how to help yourself with science and medicine
  • Track days of the month, track reactions throughout the day. 
    • Knowing how certain times of day effect your chemistry, can help you track when "anxiety sadness" may descend upon your body.
    • Realize that the time of day is effecting you, you don't hate the person in front of you.
    • Track your patterns!
  • Learn to distinguish between feelings and facts
  • Forgive yourself
  • Rewrite running narrative that says, "pointlessness pointlessness, worthless, worthless" whatever

free insight timer app + the below mediation on the law of Attraction & Abundance.

I wrestle with the social and philosophical implications the law of attraction, but regardless of my questions, I find it helps me when I train my mind to think positively. I'm freeing up space for creativity.