hbd grace- this was last year x

hbd grace- this was last year x


48-hour high-desert rain,
everything washed and rainbowed
grey-green, terracotta,
not mine.

Smoke, I never see fire.

Sage, wet brown, gold,
lavender, deep purple,
delicate glowing.
Woke all night
rain-chill through moon
portal pleading, thank you.

same rain talks to metal office all day.
last day nine-to-five.
freedom to work
Privileged to labor for opportunity


Natural disaster in Puerto Rico, Mexico.
Country red faced debating what's provable
As if it isn't.

Hegemonic white-supremacist capitalist
manipulating desire.
Vested in helping us doubt ourselves.

Internalizing Bell Hooks
I can conceive of,

we're not used to seeing
what doesn't originate
in our,

Left out because
we're too white,
too straight, too christian,
too male,

we don't like this talk,
we're a good person,
this isn't our fault.

We've got debt, trauma
fear, isolation, injury, loss.

See: exponential structural oppression
with increased deviation
from white-hetero-christian-male.

See: capitalism prodding,
eating hours for dollars and plastic,
Making us sick, old, alone.

The airport stinks,
there's a man being kind to his wife,
Like poop feet.
Throw away products, labor, earth,

Men dictating life and death
for money and power while
legislating to deny women the same
jurisdiction within our own bodies.

Capitalism speaks in opportunities
To numb yourself. History class gas-lighting.
Canonized misseducation, institutional bias. 
The revolution will not be televised and shit.

In a dark clean shuttle I'm flying twrough
two-day cold rain, 4:50 am, Thursday now,
coffee. My family across the continent.

I work hard, still eating
from the labor of the global poor,
I thank the luxuriating rain in a hot shower, 
complicit and anxious for change