Colin Kaepernick, GQ man of The Year


"The Test Of Our Fidelity...Is Not When It's Easy, But When It's Hard" - Barack Obama 9/29/16

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Ameer Hasan Loggins | Writer and U.C. Berkeley academic, lecturer, onetime Bay Area hip-hop icon says, "Colin is just a learned person. If you really sit and talk to him, he is a seeker of knowledge. One time I just happened to mention, "Yo, I teach class at Berkeley," and he was like, "I'm gonna come through." I was like, "Yeah, all right." And he did. He did so in a way that showed me a lot about his character. He didn't just come through like, "I'm Colin Kaepernick." ... he was taking notes, he was participating, he was reading the texts. He was on time to every class, making that trip from San Jose."

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